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Carmen Sanchez

Ballet Mistress and Instructor

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Born in Madrid (Spain), Carmen has studied ballet since the age of seven, combining ballet studies with flamenco and other traditional Spanish dances. She studied with three of the most recognized classical ballet teachers of Madrid: Julia Estevez, Carmen Roche and Rosa Naranjo up to the pre-professional level, continuing and complementing studies at the Professional Association of Dance of Madrid, with some teachers of international prestige, such as Fernando Bujones, Jose Carreno, Aurora Bosch, Ricardo Franco, or Pino Alosa. Carmen stepped away from ballet due to her demanding medical career, and for more than 20 years kept training in other disciplines such as Gyrotonic, ballroom and Latin dances; however, she is back to where her soul really is and will always be, which is classical ballet. Nevertheless, Carmen’s background, combining extensive ballet training, in addition to science and Gyrotonic gave her a deep understanding of the classical technique and artistry. For the last year, Carmen has been part of the staff at a local ballet studio as ballet teacher and collaborated with Mr. Andrew Guilfoil sharing his goal and passion to pass on the tradition of the classical ballet to the next generations.

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